Desud Single-Platform Laser Cutting Machine FB-4020

Here are the features of Desud Single-Platform Laser Cutting Machine FB-4020:
  • Cast iron bed body ensures high-precision, long-lasting of the machine.
  • High-precision linear guide rail are used to ensure the precise operation of the equipment.
  • Intelligent operating system, autofocus laser head, newly upgrade dedicated cutting software, making operation and cutting more easy.
  • Configured according to customer needs, the power of 1500W-12000W can be customized by the dual-platform exchange cutting, for higher processing efficiency.

Technical Parameter
Model number = Processing area
      - FB6020 = 6100 X 2000 mm
      - FB4020 = 4000 X 2000 mm
      - FB3015 = 3000 X 1524 mm
Work material
Carbon steel / stainless steel / aluminum / copper
Laser power
1500W-12000W (optional)
Positioning accuracy
0.05 mm
Repositioning accuracy
0.03 mm
Max linkage speed
120 m/min
Max acceleration
1.5 G
single platform laser cutting machine

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