Desud Tube Profile Laser Cutting Machine

Desud Multi-functional Pipe Profile Laser Cutting Machine is used for cutting round pipe, square pipe, elliptical tube, rectangular pipe, channel steel, angle steel and other materials. The machine is of high speed, high precision, high cost performance and so on. It has a centralized operation, flexible processing, autofocus laser head, convenient and fast clip, simple repair and maintenance. An automatic feeding system can be added to the machine. The machine has a one key to start mass production. The pipe cutting software is of intelligent cutting that has the core technology that improves efficient and effective cutting and material-saving.

Technical Parameter
Model number
Work material
Carbon steel stainless steel
Laser power
1500W-8000W (optional)
Pipe size range
10-160/20-260 (optional)
Processing length
Positioning accuracy
Repeat positioning accuracy
Maximum speed of chuck

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