Desud Automatic Multi-Cylinder Punching Machine

Desud Automatic Multi-Cylinder Punching Machine is an automatic 6 cylinder punching cut off machine is an imported and domestic high-quality brand. The whole machine adopts high-precision servo control, high-speed system, through touch screen interface for full CNC parameter setting and operation switching, which is easy to operate.

Applicable to: tubing, rectangular tube, aluminum, stainless steel, profiles, etc.

This machine is mainly used for punching and cut off, breaking of multiple and single-sided multiple holes, as well as punching and cut off breaking of round tubes.

Its features are multi-side punching and single-side punching of a variety of holes, punching and cut off processing, cylinder automatic positive punching, cylinder left and right automatic side punching, cylinder 45 degrees automatic punching and cut off, system control separate work, can be set to multi-cylinder automatic, can also be set to any cylinder position, independent work, non-isometric control. 

Technical Parameter
Model number
380 volts
Mechanical stroke
Cylinder bore
Processing thickness
Processing length
Finish size
Work surface
7500 x 1650 x 1760mm

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